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Hire a broker when you buy or lease real estate
When you hire a professional real estate broker on your team, you’re sending a message that you are well informed, pre-qualified, and have several options on your desk. This is an invaluable part of the negotiating process.

We invite you to use our integrated Loopnet search. Please call us once you have chosen the properties of your choice. We will set up appointments to view the properties. Be sure we are on your team to negotiate the best deal. We are here to save you time and money. Finding a suitable property is the first step. The next steps include market analysis, LOI presentation, negotiations, and due diligence.

We are happy to refer an entire professional closing team to ensure your transaction goes smoothly. At your request we can refer reputable Attorneys, property inspection firms, environmental firms, Financing options, CPAs, Realtors, and General Contractors. We can also connect you with property investment syndicates, financial advisers, and financial consultants.